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We had a very successful kidding season with over 80 kids born. 

As of right now, we have sold any of the doelings that were available.

We do have 1 buckling still available for sale. Born March 2017 and ready to breed does this fall.
(Photo of the buckling shown below.)

Thank you to the many people who have come and selected new goats for their herds!

Market kids that we still have continue out on rotational pasture and are growing well.  Again, let us know if you are looking for any, and depending on the size desired, we'll let you know what we have.   

Commercial purebred Kiko buckling

Reg. Purebred Kiko buckling


Reg. Purebred Kiko buckling

50/50 Spanish Kiko Buckling

Photos below are some of the 2017 kidding season, as well as others of the goats enjoying the springtime.

Below are some photos from last year.

Young kids ready to get CD/T shots.

Two photos of some of the herd out on pasture.