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Sunny Acres Farm was included in the 2015 Legislative Tour sponsored by New York State Farm Bureau.  We were happy to have the chance to talk about the history of the farm - now in the 6th generation of our family - and show the visitors how we manage our pasture-raised meat goats using rotational grazing.  We also had an opportunity to talk about the importance of cover crops, and using a variety of forages to both improve soil health and to enhance the nutritional value of the goats' daily diet.

Hoop barn, built 2014, to provide winter shelter for young does and kids.

Goats as lawn mowers!

Clearing hedge rows between hay fields after hay harvest.

Spanish doe

 Kiko doelings

 Kiko doeling

Percentage Kiko doeling

Kids heading out of barn

New friends

Percentage Kiko doeling

Spring kids

Percentage Kiko triplets

Play time!

Does on pasture

Merlin, our guard llama.