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Our doe herd has evolved over the years from Boers and some dairy does to mostly high-percentage commercial and purebred Kikos  The dairy-cross does proved to be excellent foundation animals to use with the Kiko bucks, adding lots of milk production to their doelings and raising fast-growing kids for the market, with higher resistance to parasites than we had experienced with the Boers.  We have also added three purebred Pape Spanish does.

Some of our does are shown below. 

Bella, a Boer/dairy cross doe, an excellent dam.

Kiko doe with doeling

Kiko cross doelings

Spanish doe

Spanish doe



Ellie, shown below, was one of the first does we bought when we started our herd.  A dairy cross, she was bred for quite a few years to one of our Boer bucks, and produced many wonderful, growthy replacement doelings for our herd.  Many of them are still in the herd, and continue to give us some exceptional kids. In later years, Ellie was bred against one of our Kiko bucks; her kids continued to benefit from her excellent milk production, with the additional benefit of more parasite resistance.  Ellie was eventually retired, and was very unhappy about that, trying very hard to break in with one of our bucks.  Ellie died after many productive kidding seasons and will be greatly missed, but her legacy continues in our herd!

                    Ellie (Lamancha/cross doe) and kid

We'll be adding more shots of our other does as time permits.  Please check back!