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At the end of the 2011 summer, we evaluated all our kids, based on how they did on our pasture-based management.  These kids had not had any grain and had to manage on pasture by day and supplemental hay in the barn at night since weaning. They were all weighed about every two weeks and records were kept as to weight gains and Famacha scores, as well as how many times any have needed to be dewormed since birth.  Looking at all of the above, we made the decision to move to all Kiko herd sires, and to phase out most of our Boer does as well.  Most of the doelings and bucklings we selll are to people who also want to have forage-based herds. The remainder of our kids are sold for the ever-growing goat meat market.  These two areas will become our main focus.

ECR Donkey Odie, a purebred kiko buck, was purchased in 2009 and used with our crossbred does as we started to experiment with adding kiko goats to our herd.  He quickly became one of our main herd sires.  His offspring grow extremely well, and have shown good resistance to parasites.  Due to having kept so many of his daughters, we made the tough decision at the end of the 2012 breeding season to sell him, but his progeny will be a part of our herd for years to come!

Donkey Odie

October 2010 we purchased a 100% New Zealand Kiko buckling to bring some new kiko blood into our herd. PJM Survivor has an impressive pedigree and we were very pleased with the kids he sired from a group of yearling doelings.  Fall 2011 he covered a larger group of does, and Fall 2012 he became our main herd sire.  Sadly, Survivor passed away in April 2016.  We are so glad we have many of his daughters in our herd to carry on his legacy.  We also kept one of his last bucklings to see if he can earn his place in the herd as a future sire.

PJM Survivor

August 2012, we brought in a new purebred Kiko buckling from the "Goats Unlimited" herd of Dr. An Peischel in Tennessee.  Dr. Peischel chose this particular buck for us based on a desire to add muscle, growth potential, and high parasite resistance to our breeding program.  Although Ernie is no longer with us, we have many of his daughters in our herd.


In the summer of 2015, we added a new buckling to our sire program.  He is a 100% New Zealand buck, and he is set to become our main sire to bring a new bloodline into the herd.  He is now our main herd sire; we've been extremely happy with the offspring he has produced!   Henry can be seen below.


Fall 2016 we used a young buck to breed a few of our young does.  He is the last son of Survivor that we kept, and we are anxious to see if he earns his place in the herd, based on the performance of his kids.  Last Chance can be seen below.

Last Chance